Thursday, July 12, 2012

Add 7 Minutes to Your Life

It's surreal when a female you respect and researched in college approaches you regarding a collaboration. I feel extremely proud to have been a part of this TED Talk given by game designer Jane McGonigal about SuperBetter, and the idea that games build resilience.

Living the majority of my life jacked up on misdiagnosed medication, as well as being in a particularly dark place for a good portion of it, much of Jane's work has resonated with my being. From the moment I read her dissertation, published in a scholarly journal during my sophomore year of college, and later made into the book "Reality is Broken", I immediately felt a strong connection with the evidence provided in conjunction with my own story (you can search back to the post "I Was Made For This" for a more extensive back log). Thank you Jane for making this possible; at the end of the day if I can inspire just one of you by sharing this video, I'll know I've taken a step in the right direction. I only hope that I may make such an impact with my personal work in the near future.
You can follow Jane (@avantgame), as well as Super Better (@SuperBetter) along on Twitter. Get active and keep pushing forward!