Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dragon Age Checklist

In case you weren't already aware, BioWare managed to achieve excellence yet again when they released Dragon Age Orgins earlier this year. As far as old school hack and slash RPGs go, Dragon Age is as good as it gets. With an ample amount of character customization, great depth of both story and character backgrounds and all around fun and excitable game play that both hardcore and casual gamers can appreciate, the game has just about everything.

After devoting a few days of my life to the game, I've discovered secrets that will help you perfect your game play without wasting countless hours of your precious time, although I highly suggest that you do anyway..

1. Almost always try and see if you can make a deal with a demon.
Unlike Fable 2, choosing to be evil in Dragon Age: Origins doesn't necessarily paint you as a baby killing, produce stealing villain, and for those of you who like looking fresh, it does not alter your appearance either. Not only is the reward typically awesome, but most of the time, if your Coercion is high enough, you can lie your way out of the deal after the payoff. WIN!

2. Blood magic is the shit.
Despite what ever your "moral" party members will try and have you believe, blood magic is the shit. Ever wonder why your parents would always tell you not to play with fire? I'll tell you why: because it's awesome. Sure you can play with fire as a mage in the game, but this is the big leagues, and sacrifices must be made. Trust me when I say you won't regret it. Blood magic spells pack a powerful punch. So next time Wynne tries to give you an old woman's lesson in "what's good and bad", remember, you're the one killing 90% of the enemies you come across with a single spell.

3. Feisty English accents are the best.
Ah yes, nothing beats a English accent, and chances are you don't even need to play Dragon Age to figure this one out. Just about everyone in this game has some sort of accent, but Alistair and Morrigan's take the cake. Yeah, so she might say a few things that are questionable, and her way of thinking is a bit, jarring, but if you're guy, you probably think Morrigan is the bomb. Why? It's the accent. Yeah, sure her grungy attire with just enough cleavage is probably enjoyable, but it's that all around feisty attitude and killer accent that's got you second guessing your well thought out decisions. And when it comes to the ladies, well, don't even get me started with Alistair. So he may be a little prudish, but we think it's cute. With just a tad of innocence, hunky appearance and cheesy pick up lines, all topped off with a hot accent, it's no surprise that Bioware came out with an I Love Alistair shirt.

4. Your ability to sleep around will be rewarded.
If you know anything about me you probably know that I love achievements. Well, in this game, unlike in real life, being a sloregoth will win you some gamer points/trophies. Take advantage of this. It's fairly easy to do. Just play your cards right, and you can win over just about any of your companions. Lucky for you, Leliana and Zevran swing both ways. The only real issue if you're trying to perfect your achievements in the game is trying to get with Morrigan or Alistair, considering that they are both straight and the only way you will be able to achieve this is by making an opposite sex character.

That about raps it up, for now at least. Seeing as I've just gotten around to playing the expansion, Dragon Age: Awakening, keep a look out for most tips and tricks on here. ;)


Andy Lye said...

You know what, as a "Brit" (Englishman, thanks), the attractiveness of the accent is a bit lost on me... but I'll bear it in mind on any Stateside trips ;)

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