Saturday, August 14, 2010

I Pooped My Pants

The Bioshock Infinite Trailer was released yesterday, and I, along with many others, squealed like a baby seal.

After watching this I had so many questions:

1.) A Bioshock game NOT underwater? What the eff?
Until now, we've grown to known the Bioshock games as an underwater franchise. Although the change isn't all too sudden, given where they left us at the end of the last game, I think it will be interesting to see what will be carried over from the first two titles.

2.) Will there be little sisters?
I certainly hope so, because some of the things they say are so darned cute, and after the chapter where we got a chance to see the world through their eyes in Bioshock 2, it would be great to observe them once again in another aspect. At the very least I hope they maintain the good vs. evil element - for example, where your achievements and game ending were directly affected by choosing to save or harvest the sisters.

3.) Is it just me, or do 2K Games hate land?
After the death of Andrew Ryan I'm not sure about how I feel about all this "anti-land" business. He was the mastermind. Rapture was his world; his vision! Srsly? Floating in the air? What's next? A game that takes place in the core of a volcano? Plateaus - that's where it's at.

Now, I enjoyed Bioshock 2 but in my opinion it wasn't really a stand alone title. If anything it only added to the back story of the first game. So in that sense it's nice to see that they're trying to steer the franchise in a different direction, and reinvent it a little. Man, I remember when the first Bioshock trailer was released. I had it bookmarked and I watched it 3 to 4 times every week until the day it came out. *swoon*

Alright, I'm ready for bedtime Mr. B.


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