Wednesday, July 20, 2011


California, where do I begin? For the past two months have been nothing short of stupendous. I've been out on the west coast interning at G4 (in part thanks to you guys and my bake sale!). So far I love it here; the weather, the food, the people. There's no doubt in my mind that I'll make my way back to some part of Cali when I graduate. As far as what I'll be doing? That's up in the air as of right now, and you know what? I'm perfectly okay with that. I just know that I want to play a part in the gaming industry. It would be great to put my television production skills to use, however, when I first got my feet wet at PAX Prime of last year interning with the Frag Dolls, I felt a sense of belonging- that I was home amongst those who make up the amazing community that is gaming.

I've been given some pretty cool opportunities since I've been here. Most of which were things I had only dreamed of two years ago when I made the commitment to follow through with my life goals. For one, I got to attend my first E3 this summer, which was pretty spectacular. I live-tweeted the entire Microsoft Press Event as well as Sony, although, this shouldn't surprise any of you who know me.

I even got to hip-thrust a sexy vehicle at the Forza Motorsport E3 party. How very appropriate!

At the Sony Press Event they had the most unearthly and amazing cupcakes I think I've ever laid my eyes on.. well, until a few days ago when I walked by Magnolia Bakery, but that's another story all together. Let's just say the one I ate was pretty ri-goddamn-diciously yummy. Why you ask? It was bacon infused. Yes. You read that right.

DID I MENTION THE FOOD OUT HERE IS BALLIN' FANTASTIC? Maybe I did, however let me reiterate that for you. It's heavenly. If the food out here had a page on Facebook, I would like it. In fact, I'm gonna go double check that.. you know, I'm not even sure I ever realized just how much I enjoy food until I moved here. You get my point, perhaps, not enough, but I digress.

Within the past few weeks I've had my first ever Ethiopian meal, all you can eat Korean BBQ, Tofu House, kickass Indian, sushi (which you should know is always a good time), a barrage of food trucks- including Kogi BBQ (GOOGLE THAT), as well as my new favorite obsession, a tasty morsel I like to call by it's name of endearment, froyo. That's frozen yogurt for you kids who are abbreviation debilitated.

I've had just about every flavor of frozen yogurt there is to offer and I've made it my mission to seek out just about froyo hotspot in the area, topping off each location with a film mugshot- proof that I came, I conquered, and I ate a crapton of froyo. I'll be sure to post those up on my Flickr once I get back to the photo laboratory. Muhahaha. Meanwhile, here's a picture of one of my most recent masterpieces.

With about a month left to go, I still have a bunch of sites I'd like to see, goals I have yet to accomplish, as well as times to be had in the presence of good people. With both San Diego Comic Con as well as MLG Anaheim right around the corner there's no telling what's next for me. However I have a hinch that it will be EGGGCEELLLEENTT. *pets a cat and laughs maniacally*

Love you internet! xoxo HUGS.


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