Monday, March 26, 2012

EPIC LOOT: Replica Gears Snub Pistol Obtained.

Within the span of the last few months I've been partaking in a series of what I like to call 'Photographic Adventures'. They're kinda like ghost adventures, but better. And despite being awfully tempted to describe such adventures in great detail, I dare not ruin the surprise of my senior thesis photography work (you'll have to wait a few weeks for that my pretties - yes I said that).

Two weeks ago as I arrived at my parents house in New Jersey for Spring Break I was greeted with a tangible object that brought me sheer joy. Might I remind you this 'thing' is not my boyfriend, nor, is it an item of monumental power, however such a trinket brought me endless happiness, because not only was this item a replica of one of my favorite weapons of Gears of War, but there were only 500 made. Hot damn. Headshots.

Yes, that's a Gears of War 3 replica COG Snub Pistol. And yes, that is me, doing what I do, in my mind, every night as a close my eyes and fall to rest. These images, though unrelated to my most recent photography, are both a sneak peek of what is coming up in my senior show April 28th, as well as a personal shrine to my newly adopted toy.. not mention a great excuse to run around in a field like a giddy schoolgirl.

So, I guess what I'm really saying here is that if my current state of financial distress ever comes into question, blame Project Triforce.. those bastards took all my money (my M-8 Assault Rifle hasn't arrived yet).

Oh and by the way, remember that 5k I ran on the 24th? Keep your eyes peeled on the Frag Dolls website this next week...


will parris said...

Great photos Ali! Love the post apocalyptic look, I'd love to get in there and shoot, photo awesomeness a plenty!

Ali Baker said...

Thank you so much. Just wait til you see my senior thesis work: the long exposures on ruined landscape really make the colors pop. Shooting location was everything too. There were so many times I had to stop and remind myself I wasn't playing Fallout 3 IRL! :D I'm working to get those up in next few months or so.

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