Monday, July 26, 2010

Don't browse the XBL Marketplace when you're tired.

Yesterday, whilst sitting in The Batcave waiting for my friend to call, trying desperately to stay awake after two days of minimal sleep I decided to browse the Xbox Live Marketplace. With 400 Microsoft Points in the bank I came to the conclusion that I needed to know how much the Jill Valentine gettup cost, because I wanted it.

Every now I and then when I get a chance, I like to see what's new in the Game Styles section.. but this time it was different. I was determined to get the Jill Valentine outfit. After locating it, I realized I had just enough. It was 320 MS Points. I was good to go. But, like a preteen at an Abercrombie store, I kept switching back and forth between outfits, previewing to see what it would look like.. Big mistake.

In my lack of alertness, I went to the beginning of the Resident Evil 5 merch section and hit the back button, which for some reason brought me to a payment screen. I quickly hit the back button again, only to realize that I had been pressing the A button and that I had now spent 240 of my Microsoft Points, on a fucking crank. A CRANK! What the hell am I going to do with a crank Microsoft? And now I don't even have enough for the stupid outfit!

So kids, the lesson of the day is don't consider buying things when you're tired, drunk, or incoherent in any way. You might end up with... A CRANK.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha. Well, I suppose you could bash zombies with it in an emergency :)

Believe it or not, I've spend about 4,000 points on knit caps in the marketplace. Fake knit caps. Sheesh :P

Shannon LaBeach said...

You could Crank that Soulja Boy - This will be the only time I ever link to a Soulja Boy video.

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