Friday, July 9, 2010

It whispers sweet sweet nothings to me.

Yesterday was the best day ever. I traded in my old Arcade 360 system for the sleek new Xbox 360, which I had preordered. Considering I was pushing the two year mark with my Arcade I think I made a good investment. It really is such a beautiful piece of technology. I love how quiet it is, and the sexy noises it makes when I turn it on or eject a disc. That sounded dirty didn't it? Crap.


Shannon said...

Did you end up paying a difference? I'm considering doing the same thing.

Chase said...

What does it smell like?

Ali Baker said...

Shannon - Well, until the 19th of July GameStop is giving extra trade in credit when you buy the new system, but you had to have it already preordered. I ended up getting $50 trade in credit back because I had two hard drives I traded in addition.

Chase - It smells like win.

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