Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Setting goals; my half year, half marathon plan.

Over the course of the past year I've really taken a liking to running. This has inspired me to set some pretty hefty goals for 2012, including one next September that will push my limits beyond what I would have imagined possible a few years ago.

My quest into a series of marathon runs begins with the Finally Spring 5k Manchester Run on March 24th of this year. Continuing training up through April, and depending on my school schedule I'll be looking to take a stab at the Hartford 10k Marathon April 14th.

This, all leading up to my graduation in May, should have me up to speed and ready to address my final and most exciting goal, the Los Angeles Half Marathon, which, I figure, by October 28th, I'll be within a good radius of given plethora of jobs I'm interested in located nearby.

So excited to get started with this. Here's to wishful thinking, making moves, and a happy and healthy 2012. Bring it on baby!


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