Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Shit Gamers Guys Say

I know what you're thinking, and yes, that's me, with the pink mustache.. Within the past few months, a meme known as Shit Girls Say has taken the web by storm. This has snowballed into a recent trend of Shit ___s Say videos.

This got many of us in the Frag Doll's Sisterhood thinking.. Why don't we make a video? Most of us are more than familiar with being smack talked over XBL by now - this typically by that of young pubescent boys - so we figured we'd have our fun in muse of this.

So without further adieu, Shit Gamer Guys Say:

I like to think of myself as the pink haired Doctor Zhivago. Check out the Frag Doll's Website for more videos and news regarding the sisterhood. Also, relevant to your interests if you enjoyed this video, is the website "Fat, Ugly, or Slutty", which was founded by several of the girls in my class, and plays off of the idea that according to 75% of the men encountered while gaming, if you're a gamer chick, chances are you're either fat, ugly or slutty. Some of the posts there are grade A hilarious. Definitely worth checking out for more laughs if you get a chance.


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