Wednesday, June 27, 2012

West Coast Title Track; Podcast Love

I was in SF this week; working on perfecting my fast traveling techniques no less. Vacation, research.. it's whatever you want to call it. However, with the majority of my industry family out here, I had to come visit before I made any solid decisions on where my career quest line takes me.

This past Sunday was the San Franciscan Gay Pride Parade. I picked a good time to come and hang. You guys really know how to have a good time. Burritos and Persian food? Sign me up. I also got a chance to check out the Google Campus Friday. There are no words. I want to live there for all eternity and stuff and things... and then I want to eat this giant froyo shine.

Within the past month and since graduating college I've had the pleasure of stopping by and chatting with some stellar podcasts. The first of the three I think you'll know holds a special place in my heart. I'm talking, of course, about The Indoor Kids. This is one of the most entertaining gaming shows out there, and it was great to be back and catch up while I was in Los Angeles for E3. This past week, Kumail and Emily welcomed move-maker, and girl shaped guy enthusiast Keith Apicary. Give it a listen and put that in your ears STAT. Much love!

Post E3, I stopped by on The Geek Generation cast with Rob and Mike to gab about the games that graced the LA Convention center. THESE DUDES ARE GREAT. A great reminder that there are people in this industry who manage to keep the passion alive. All the best - Let's play some B-Lands soon kay?

Last but certainly not least comes The Pop Cultivation Podcast. If you're a fan of the up and coming I strongly suggest you give this show a listen. Giancarlo Dittamo is hands down one of the most talented individuals I know. Episode 8 "Goals" catches me off guard, as we talk about the things that motivate us and fuel our creative fires. You won't be disappointed.

So I figure, if you like me and all, you may want to stay up to date on the adventures of ever-talented, fellow red-haired vixen, Rachel Lara. Give her some love, follow her on Twitter and go check out Killer Holiday, her upcoming movie. Don't tell me I didn't warn you, this girl is going places. DON'T BE STUPID.

Though I'd love to stay and chat with you internet, I have some Futurama with my name on it to watch, as well as a trip to plan. Leaving for Austin in a few days. More real life adventures await me at RTX. OH and if you haven't subscribed to my YouTube Channel yet you may want to do that so you don't miss out on my Fast Travel Video Log, Forever Alone Dance Parties and upcoming Google / YouTube / Android Campus Tour. It's all happening pretty fast and I would hate for you to fall behind. ;D

BAM SHAZAM, I love you and n shit. BAKES.

Friday, June 1, 2012

New Beginnings - E3 Approaching.

Long distance relationships can be really difficult, especially when you almost never get to see the other person. These last few years of college were especially taxing because of such loves, but now that I'm home we have finally been reunited. I'm talking of course, about my PC.

I originally turned to MMOs in high school as an escape, but also as a form of interaction when things weren't going so great for me socially. Recently I've had the option to return to my routes. It's been liberating, and especially fun now that I have real life friends to play with. Truth be told I was particularly amped the days leading up to graduation thinking about getting home to play Diablo 3. However realizing just how dated the hardware was on my PC, which I custom built over 6 years ago, I've only been able to play a few titles until my new graphics card arrives. Now, seeing as I will be looking into building an entirely new PC in the next year or so I decided best not to break the bank. I mean, until I find a full time position somewhere, my GameStop lootpile is going to have to last me. Still, a 9800 card is far superior to my old style NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE - let's get real. Awaiting it's arrival eagerly while I anticipate being able to play D3, SWTOR, and perhaps even Tera. In the meanwhile, I've been partaking in some throwback gaming: Guild Wars, WoW and Day of Defeat. I also decided to replay Half Life 2 this month (never underestimate the power of a crowbar). GO GO GADGET GRAVITY GUN.

So I guess now that I'm home and I have free time I no longer have excuses to not be making videos. This week I welcome you to the Bat Cave. I like collecting toys. No shame here - just full on pride. You can pretty much expect a new video post every week this summer. And seeing as I'll be job hunting throughout the games industry, you can bet your behind things have the potential to get interesting. Not to mention the fact I finally set up all of my retro systems, which I cannot wait to share with all of you. Stay frosty and don't miss the next one by subscribing to my channel here. I may even upload a few videos from the E3 show floor. EXCITEBIKE!

You may be aware that E-Thrizzle is next week. Well, I am le excite, and happy to share that I already have some really swank projects on the horizon. I'm headed to LA in a few days to scope out projected titles, taking care of business (EVERY DAY) and working over time - hunting down all the best food trucks. I've also invested in some fantastic collaborations over the course of the last month - one of which involves the awesome Jane MacGonigal, as well as my recent alma mater, the University of Hartford, to bring for some newly projected content sometime in the next few months. Patience; it's a virtue.

Stay in school, cause it's the besssss. BOMBS AWAY WEST COAST.